Malik and Ashley Edwards are lovers of God. They carry apostolic vision, a prophetic voice with a pastors heart. They have been ordained by Bishop Bill Hamon as Apostles through Christian International located in Destin, FL.

After being dramatically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in prison, Malik’s course was set on a path of glory. In the summer of 2003, Malik received his call to the nations. After going to a camp meeting in Virginia, Malik yielded to the call and moved to Calvary Campground where he was trained under Dr. Jane Lowder, who has traveled to over 70 nations. 

As Malik served under this extraordinary anointing, his heart began to burn for the nations. Soon he was catapulted out into the nations. Starting in Israel, Malik has minister in 16 different nations including France, Egypt, Jamaica, South Korea and Trinidad & Tobago.

In the summer of 2007, He met the love of his life, Ashley. By the spring of 2008 they were married. Together they have three children; two daughters, Shaiel and Sanai and one son Caleb. They also lived in Germany for two years where they served as prophets to the nation. 

Ashley has a ministry of deliverance and inner healing and has been to several nations, preaching, teaching and setting the captives free. Malik and Ashley travel the nations together preaching, imparting, and empowering God’s people. 

Currently they are living in Woodbridge, VA. They are serving as lead pastors at Relentless DC, in Springfield:  a church they planted in 2016.