At The Threshold

At The Threshold!

“Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and there was water, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, for the front of the temple faced east; the water was flowing from under the right side of the temple, south of the altar.” - Ezekiel 47:1

I heard the Lord saying, “I’m bringing my Prophets to the threshold, so they can see and encounter the new flow for this generation and declare it.”

What is the threshold. It is the entryway.

In Ezekiel’s vision, God brings the prophet Ezekiel back to the door. God is bringing His Prophets back to the Door. Jesus is the door. God is restoring the purity of the prophetic. Where it is not based upon, personality, preference or denominationalism. But is based on the revelation of Jesus Christ and the purposes of God in the earth.

God is giving His Prophets unusual access. Not just to what’s happening in the house but what He desires to flow from out of His people into their cities, regions and nations. Prophetic voices are going to begin to arise in government, media and education in this season like never before. There will be a sure word of prophecy that would flow out from a pure place.

I hear the Lord saying, “I’m releasing greater vision and encounters. “For many”, the Lord says, “have been comfortable with what they have seen and what they have encountered. I am stirring up a fresh hunger for new encounters with me. For I am opening up a new realm of seeing. There is fresh access into the seer realm. For I desire to lead my people into new places. Many of my Prophets have gotten comfortable with the banks of yesterday and yesteryear. They have not swam in the fresh waters I am releasing. I am doing a new thing and I need a people who are ready and willing to see where I’m leading and then bring my people there.”

What is the threshold? It is a place of intensity.

I hear the Lord saying, “The spiritual atmosphere will continue to increase in intensity over the next 4 months. For it is at the place of breaking that I desire to bring a greater surge of breakthrough.” “Don’t be Surprised,” the Lord says, “at the fiery trial that you have and will experience, for inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, you will see the glory revealed. “The enemy is putting out his best to push my Prophets and people away from the threshold, for he knows that when they cross over my people will step into a new dimension of glory. Sickness, lack, disappointment, rejection and fear are at the threshold. Do not get discouraged. Get the glory. Don’t go back to your places of comfortability. I’m not there. Meet me at the threshold and I will give you wisdom and assurance as you face the enemy of your soul and crossover.”

What is the threshold? It is the place of marking.

I hear the Lord say, “This fresh encounter is going to mark my Prophets in a new way. For there will be significant encounters with me. My sons and daughters will not be able to go back to business as usual. For at the threshold there will be a stripping of all that was false and a fresh mantling of purpose, identity and destiny.

I had a vision of revival waters beginning to break out all over the nations. Dead place became full of life. I saw people, marriages, families, churches and business get their breath back as they were submerged under the waters of His Glory. There is fresh prophetic water flowing from the threshold that will begin to flow like never before.

Malik Edwards