September To Remember

I heard the Lord say, "A September To Remember."


The Lord has continually guided my expectation for September of 2019 since last September. I believe this September will be one to remember. I saw platforms, contracts, homes, new businesses, nations and opportunities being released in the heavenly realm. They are there for the taking.


I believe that we will see significant strategy released in this month for the harvest for the next four years. This is the time to draw close to the LORD and hear his heart. The enemy has put up distraction points and released hindering spirits to stop this important time. But I see the Lord giving the body windows to take authority over the clock and to see His kairos plan come to pass.


2 Peter 1:4: And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.


The Lord said this is the time to remember His promises. These promises enable us to fellowship more intimately with His divine nature. Therefore, by missing out on the promises, we miss out on Him. So, remember His promises. The promises in His Word. Personal promises. Promises over your family. Promises over your children. Promises of your workplace. Promises over your ministry. All His promises are yes and in Him amen. This is the moment to lay a hold of His promises.


I saw new songs being released from heaven. The song of the Lord. The song of the Bride. There will be spontaneous times of explosive praise in gatherings all over the world. In these times, there will be an explosion of faith for miracles leading to a demonstration of God's miraculous power.  A new sound for a new era.

I kept hearing the Lord say, "This September Is Big." I believe many, this month, will begin to see the bigger plan that God has already manifested in His heart for them. Similar to Joseph. He had big dreams. God used those years of obscurity to form his character, develop his leadership skills and spiritual gifts. When the moment came for him to stand before the pharaoh, he was ready.  I believe it was in that place that he saw God’s bigger plan for his life. Get ready to see what God has been doing in you over these last few years. Many will come into a "fullness" of their calling this September through October.

 Get ready because this is a….

 September To Remember!

Malik Edwards