You Are Strategic (Prophetic Word For The Next 21 Days)

The Lord says, “In the next 21 days, I’m going to release a favor upon my people. These 21 days are going to be marked with momentum, glory and manifestations of who I am.”

The Lord says, ”The doors that have been locked are going to be unlocked. Things that have been held up are going to be released. Step into the door. That which seemed impossible, that is what I am doing.”


The Lord says, “The next 21 days will be marked with healing and manifestations of healing.” The Lord says “Cry out for your family. I’m coming to visit your home with healing. I’m going to visit your home with creative miracles. I’m sending my angels. Body parts will go into place. Body parts are coming to your home.”


The Lord says, ”Get ready because there’s a momentum, there’s a shift. Where you thought you were pressing up against a wall. You will look again and there will be no wall. You have felt a resistance but I’ve been building you up for the release that is here.”


The Lord says to His sons and daughters, “There is a fresh baptism of love. Where there have been hard relationships, where you have been frustrated on how to love and how to communicate, I’m causing there to be a baptism of love. You won’t even have to communicate it in the natural because I will have already done it the spirit. Hearts that seemed to be closed will be wide open.”


I saw the Lord giving us necks like giraffes. God says, “Get ready to eat from the high places.” God is stretching us so that we can get the greater revelation of what He is doing and saying in this season and for the next.

The Lord says, “The next 21 days are strategic.”

As we are coming into 2019 God is revealing to us who we really are. There is another page that God is adding to our book that we have not even seen yet. The Lord is going to reveal to you how dangerous you are to the kingdom of darkness.


The Lords says, You are strategic. It’s not just you getting strategy. It’s not about your planning or you creating vision for your life. The Lord says, You are strategic. Where I’ve put you and where I’ve placed you. You are strategic. The very design, the color of your skin and every detail of you is strategic. I know the name of the hairs on your head. While you were in your mothers womb I was weaving you together.

I was putting DNA in you. I was taking things from ancient bloodlines that you needed to carry for this day. You are strategic.

The Lords says, you are an open door. Those who don’t know me and that are far away from me are going to run to you and find me. You are strategic.“

Malik Edwards